Mini Digger Hire – Why?

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Mini Digger Hire – When it comes to managing any kind of construction task, having the right tools and equipment is obviously very important. A small construction task can become a massive one, if you lack the right kind of firepower to get the job done at the first time of asking. One such service that might come in handy for most builders looking to get the job done, though, is our mini digger hire service. We offer cost-effective mini diggers and micro diggers as part of our equipment rental program at BSP Plant Hire.

Mini Digger Hire – Vast Stock & Range Available

Available at 0.8.-1.5 tons, we make sure that you get a strong and sturdy digger that can manage the job that you need. Mini digger solutions are effective and useful for making sure that a small digging task can be handled without needing expensive and timely manpower, or having to hire a larger machine that might be ungainly or awkward in the potentially small space that you have available to work within.

Mini Digger Hire – Why Hire?

While many construction firms would rather have access to their own equipment, diggers are different. Not only are they hugely expensive to buy outright, but you need to use a lot of jobs work of time to make it a cost-effective full-time purchase. If you are only in need of a digger on the odd job, then we can make sure you get access to the equipment that you need without needing to make the investment required.
The variety of diggers available is quite extensive, from swivel mini diggers to rigid mini diggers and extendable dumpers. This means that regardless of the challenge or the extent of the wok needed to get it done, that our mini digger hire can become a solution that allows you to get involved with more work, using our equipment to get more challenging jobs done without the massive investment needed in full-time ownership, storage and maintenance of such equipment.


This is the solution that many firms turn to when they need this kind of high-power equipment to get the job done. Worried that you might be spending more time than you need to when you want to get work carried out? Then now is the time to find an active solution to solve this.


Our knowledge, expertise and cost-effective pricing means you can leave with the kind of mini digger hire price and size that you need. Contact Mick and the team today on 086-2432624 or email: – we’ll make sure that you get the help that you need to make any job work without a hitch.


Mini Digger Hire
Mini Digger Hire

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